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Are you a BadAss Female Business Owner who is feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day challenges and chronic stress brought on by trying to DO ALL THE THINGS?

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Chances are, you started your business to enjoy more freedom, flexibility and control over your life and work…

…Not to be a hostage working a million hours a week.

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These stress inducing mentalities can lead straight to business owner burnout. This affects your mental and physical health, which in turn stalls business growth.

The JoyFull BadAss knows there is a better & more lucrative business strategy: JOY!
If it’s not JOYFull, I’m Not Doing It and Neither Should You!

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I’m Janifer Wheeler, founder of the JOYFull BadAss Business Academy™. You can have Freedom, JOY and Prosperity in your business … and I’ve developed solutions to show you how.

As a BadAss Biz Owner, you have a unique set of superpowers.

My mission is to help unleash your power … and use it as a tool to grow your business, regain your time and energy … and avoid burnout.

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JOYFull BadAss Business Academy™



Launching on October 27, 2021

The World Health Org defines BURNOUT as a serious condition caused by chronic stress that isn’t managed well. Having had my own burnout experience, I’d agree!

As a coach, consultant, entrepreneur or small biz CEO, you are at high risk for burnout!

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