The JOYFull BadAss Academy

Text Based Microtraining

The JOYFull BadAss Academy™
Remote Learning via Text

The JOYFull BadAss Academy™️ was designed to provide Personal & Professional development for Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs & Small Biz CEO’s.

New programs are launching soon & I’m hosting two NANONars™️ (15 minute webinars) so you can learn more about me, The Academy & how we help you become more productive & profitable. 

Why Micro Learning?

Attention spans are dropping at the same time technology is advancing, leading to a digital skills gap costing the U.S. economy $1.3 trillion annually in lost productivity (equivalent to a loss of $10 million per 1,000 employees). Therefore there’s an ever-growing need for new and better ways to teach, learn, and train the 21st century workforce – and microlearning is the solution.

Currently, we offer Remote, Micro Training delivered via secure TEXT messaging using ARIST.

Studies have shown that Text Based Micro Learning is extremely effective with a 92% engagement rate and 75% of peeps PREFER this method.
Individuals can schedule the TEXT to arrive when it’s most convenient for them to learn.

PS. Your Millenial and GenZ clients will LOVE it!