Motivational Speaking

Does your team, group or organization need a joy injection?

In addition to teaching, training and consulting, Janifer is also an
Award Winning, International speaker!

Check out Janifer’s speaker sheet for info on local, state, national, international and virtual summit speaking services.

She will definitely bring JOYFull BadAssery to your next conference, training session, or keynote.

Think about your last professional development, training or education offering.

Was it the traditional sit and get… you know, the ones where everyone stares at a
screen or presenter for 2 hours with limited engagement?

Did you notice that people were excessively popping in & out of your event?

Did they seem distracted, uninterested or bored?

Were you worried they were on their phones more than on the call?

Zoom style calls are notoriously hard for our brains to process because there is just too much stimulation (backgrounds, mute/unmuting issues, can’t make eye contact with anyone, too many faces in the gallery). This causes a Zoombie effect – people turning into Zoom Zombies who simply cannot keep focusing in a virtual environment.

If you are struggling to find PD that is engaging, NOT VIRTUAL and provides information that your employees can easily understand, digest and APPLY to their role, then you and I need to chat….like last week.

There are NO more Zoombies at the Wheelhouse. That’s because we have converted all of our in-person, onsite and virtual workshops into three new online academies that provide MICROTraining via a text based delivery system and include topics around Personal Growth, Team Building and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

We can also help you avoid Zoombies by transferring your existing training content into a text based model… onboarding, compliance, sales, customer service… if you can teach it, you can text it!

Click here to learn more about how our MicroTraining works.

Want to schedule your OWN event with Janifer? She will definitely bring JOYFull BadAssery to your next conference, training session, or keynote.