Continuous Cultural Improvement™ Consulting

Company Culture is the personality of your organization. It defines the environment in which employees work and ultimately, thrive. It impacts sales, customer service, marketing, finances and HR.

If you aren't focused on culture, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Investing in company culture is time consuming, overwhelming, and potentially expensive. It may require changing the status quo, which is never easy.

That’s why Janifer created the Continuous Cultural Improvement™ model. This methodology combines years of Continuous School Improvement design, along with The Joy|Money Matrix™ to create a comprehensive tool that allows business leaders to take a deep dive into workplace culture.

In addition to finding your blind spots and success stories, the Continuous Cultural Improvement™ model provides clear action steps to improve culture based on your goals and objectives without adding more staff or breaking the bank.

We can also help you document these initiatives so that you have an easy to implement playbook.