Feeling exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed? Wondering when you will ever find five minutes for yourself? If you answered HELL YES to any of these questions, ​you might be overdue for a spa day – a spiritual spa day!

​The Soul Spa Transformational Card Game is the foundation of The JoyFull BadAss Lifestyle. The game allows you to CONNECT deeply with your intuition, ALIGN energy, REVEAL inspired action and EMPOWER you to kick your inner bully to the curb!

This simple daily practice provides consistent manifesting results to align your mind, body and soul. Tap into your inner wisdom for clarity and support, become your own best friend and find all of the answers within yourself. This simple game allows you to connect with your Universal Support Team to add more magic and miracles to your every day routine. Play a few minutes each day to align with your soul mission and transform your life!


Draw a Connection Card

Unleash your imagination and adapt a playful role for the day. Connection Cards inspire you to embody the spirit of a mystical creature or archetype. Choose a spirit guide trait that evokes a strong emotion, feeling or sensation.

Draw an Align Card

Tune into the energy centers in your body and connect with your inner wisdom. Align Cards invite you to settle into your physical form and feel your spirit guide flowing through you.

Draw a Reveal Card

Activate possibilities with action. Reveal cards give you a direction to follow throughout the day. Spa-themed topics give you ideas on how to channel your spirit and body.

Fill Out the Journal Card

Use your intuition to receive divine guidance and feel Empowered! Fill in the blanks on the Journal Card with the results from the other decks. You will create a sentence such as “I am a *Wolf* in my *Crown* therefore I am *Relaxing.* The phrase doesn’t magic logical sense, but this the SOUL Spa. This phrase activates deep instincts within your soul. Give yourself a moment to imagine “How does a wolf relax?” Or “What can I do today that makes feel relaxed in my Crown Chakra?” You begin to visualize possibilities. Limits begin to fade and you create a deep connection with your intuition. Write down any emotions, thoughts or key actions you can take that motivate you. Over the course of 3 months, you can log your results and begin to detect patterns. You’ll soon realize that your new self-C.A.R.E. routine has been a deeply healing, transformational soul-C.A.R.E. experience.